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Mom & Me (2020-Present)

The ongoing work Mom and Me began April 2020. During the lockdown in NYC, I found myself thinking about life, loss, connection and the past. During this time, I was inspired by the work of Lebohang Kganye to use old family photographs and double exposure self portraiture to attempt to seek connection with my mother, who passed when I was 18. Around this same time, I also spent many hours reading, for the first time, many journals from throughout her adult life. These journals spanned from her adventures before she met my father, to a couple years before her passing and many years into her battle with cancer. I began photographing these journals, along with objects from her daily life, while the double exposure photographs evolved into a moving images where I could move and interact with her for what felt like a longer moment in time. In this moving image, my adult self shifts from one position to the next within the frame, creating a living moment of connection between my mom and myself. The final step in this process is the creation of a musical composition to pair with each moving image and to record myself playing these compositions on violin and voice.

a_1 Mom&Me
b_2 Mom&Me
c_3 Mom&Me
d_4 Mom&Me_Erika Kapin
e_5 Mom&Me_Erika Kapin.
f_6Mom&Me_Erika Kapin
g_7 Mom&Me_Erika Kapin
h_8 Mom&Me_Erika Kapin
i_9 Mom&Me_Erika Kapin.
j_10 Mom&Me_Erika Kapin.
k_11 Mom&Me_Erika Kapin
l_12 Mom&Me_Erika Kapin.
m_13 Mom&Me_Erika Kapin
n_14 Mom&Me_Erika Kapin
o_15 Mom&Me_Erika Kapin
p_16 Mom&Me_Erika Kapin
q_17 Mom&Me_Erika Kapin
r_18 Mom&Me_Erika Kapin
s_19 Mom&Me_Erika Kapin
t_20 Mom&Me_Erika Kapin
u_21 Mom&Me_Erika Kapin
v_22 Mom&Me_Erika Kapin
w_23 Mom&Me_Erika Kapin
x_24 Mom&Me_Erika Kapin
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