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Family Visits NYC

Having family visit NYC is always a great excuse to get out and experience the city fresh. I love seeing the sights through other people's excitement and letting that energize me to take photos that I might not notice otherwise. As a New Yorker for over 10 years now, I am at risk for taking the visuals of this amazing city for granted and going out with visitors is a great remedy for that!

The following are a few photos I took with my dear aunt and uncle on their visit. Plus some fun characters I met at the Whitney Museum and on the subway!

Perfect sky and perfect light to get both bridges AND the skyline!

If you're going to be photographed on the brooklyn bridge, you may want to bring a hair tie!

These two cuties were the stars of the Q train

At the Whitney, this man introduced himself to me as the Mayor of the Meatpacking district. Roberto Monticello

Highline Park

Resting feet at The Whitney

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