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Stolen Moments (2010-2012)

This series began as an investigation into the passage of time and how to represent that photographically. Throughout the process of creation, it has grown and evolved into a less traditional, non-linear exploration of time.

The final works in this collection are built from many single photographs.  Each of these single photographic cells contains subject matter that is very simple and basic to life, and something to which much of humanity can relate. However, the primary focus of this work is not the subject matter of the photographic cells or the narrative that is occurring between the cells of the time sequence. When combined together there comes to life a completely new piece. Like cells of a living being, these units have their own life, yet at the same time serve to complete another whole which is greater than the sum of its parts. Experienced at once and together, these time sequences become a new entity.


This work, using textures built from time sequences, seeks to understand the possibility of an expanded time awareness and strives to allow the viewer to experience the passage of many moments through time as a single unified experience. Is it be possible to experience time in a non-linear fashion? If so, how would that actuality appear? This collection “Stolen Moments” explores possible answers to these questions. 

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