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Queer People with Underwear on Our Heads - Fivel

Pre-pandemic (late 2019) I started to shoot some work I’m calling “Queer People with Underwear on our Heads” I started this project as a queer person seeking relief and fun from the heaviness that we have to face in our day to day struggles, I wanted to start a project where can take a moment to do something silly. To allow ourselves a moment of levity and laughter. It’s a celebration of queerness, of pausing for a laugh and also of vulnerability.

These sessions are often collaborative and big thanks to my neighbor friend Fivel to contributing for this one!

I was holding off on sharing these because things just got so intense with the pandemic and the fight for racial justice. It is Pride month though, and we can all use a bit of a light moment here and there, so cheers to putting underwear on our heads!

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