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In honor of Elijah McClain

I made this video in honor of Elijah McClain. #JusticeforElijahMcClain Support Elijah's family:…

CW for description of the police violence: - - -

Violinist and massage therapist Elijah McClain was murdered by CO police and first responders a year ago. The murderers, Officers Nathan Woodyard, Jason Rosenblatt and Randy Roedema have been re-assigned by the police department but are still GETTING PAID with taxpayer dollars. This is not right and we need to continue to apply pressure to our elected officials.

*** Please call the office of Governor Polis 303-866-2471 to demand that the officers are fired immediately while the investigation proceeds (Esp if you are a CO resident but I imagine anyone could call).

Additionally, District Attorney Dave Young declined to file criminal charges and he should RESIGN IMMEDIATELY for not holding the officers accountable.

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