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Past / Present: Mare

From a work in progress I'd like to revisit. This one featuring Mare with their past self.

"I was 12, this was 2 years after my parent’s divorce which was very traumatic, and also look, I’m still a kid having fun. It’s a relief to see me looking carefree and helps me remember that although I experienced a rupture I was still able to access joy and silliness. Laughter is something I always have, it’s one of the deepest and truest parts of myself."

"I’ve always been the happiest and most fully myself when in the water so I want to be in the ocean with younger me, to share the joy together. I want to be present with young Mare and tell her that I’m here for her always, and also the ocean can hold us both. She’s inside of me, older me was always there protecting her, the ocean, which contains moments from before and after, flows through both of us. I am always in the waves of timelessness, floating with all my past and future selves."


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